Friday, 23 March 2018

Dinosaur Fun

It is possible that this week, your child returned home full of stories of stomping dinosaurs, scared teachers and mystery objects left around school. 

Please do not be alarmed. 
It was just another day at school. 

As part of our Book Week activities, the children became researchers. Where did this creature come from? What does it want? What evidence was left behind?

Some said it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Others insisted that it was a Triceratops. 
What do you think it is? 

Our Year 1 Make Space has been transformed into a Dinosaur Research Lab, full of non-fiction and fiction books to fire up the imagination! 

The task today was to investigate which type of dinosaur visited Stanley, what it eats, its habits and the possible reasons for it visiting. 

The researchers in 1KG took this job very seriously and even at playtime, they found signs (and tastes!) of dinosaur footprints. Some said they found dinosaur skin, while others even brought a dinosaur tooth back into the class. 

We have also been looking at information about dinosaur eggs as one was found on the grounds and is now securely stored in our Research Lab. We discussed that often dinosaurs are named after their place of discovery, e.g. the Stanleysaurus.  

Children have been sketching what they think the 'Stanleysaurus' egg will look like when it hatches. 

We hope that after all this imaginative Book Week work, everyone has a fantastic Easter.

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