Sunday, 17 June 2018

Toy Museum Visit 15.6.18

At the end of a busy week of Phonics Screening, our class enjoyed the grand finale of History workshops run by the Heritage Museum Centre. 

The children enjoyed investigating many different toys of the past. As part of our historical enquiry, we thought about whether we preferred modern toys to those of the past. 

We also discussed what toys might be like in the future. 

It was exciting and there were so many new skills that we tried out with the interesting toy collections. 

Here are a few snapshots...

Superstar 25.5.18

Our superstar this week is always so fantastic. She puts 100% effort into all her work and listens so beautifully on the carpet. She has excellent ideas to share in class and is always helping others. She is a delightful member of our class and brightens our day with her continued enthusiasm to all she does.
We are so proud of her.
Well Done.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Superstar 18.5.18

Our superstar has come back to Stanley and really settled in with her friends. She is trying really hard in everything she does and is not giving up when she finds things hard. She has done some super maths work and is trying hard to learn her sounds.
We are so proud of you.
Well Done.


Superstar 10.5.18

 Our superstar this week has been working so hard in everything she does. Her confidence is increasing by the day and she really believes in herself now. We have noticed such a difference in the work she is doing and it is of a very high standard. She is thinking hard about her work and really applying herself. She did an excellent piece of writing in science this week about changes in the environment.
We are so proud of you.
Well Done.

Wishing Prince Harry and Meghan a wonderful wedding day. Love from 1KG

The children have been learning all about the Royal Wedding today.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Superstar 03.05.18

Our superstar this week has settled in so well to our school. She has made lots of new friends and is really enjoying it in 1KG. Her work has really impressed us, particularly her reading and spelling.
She is always very enthusiastic in her learning and is keen to share her ideas.
She is always ready for new challenges and nothing seems to phase her.
We are very pleased to have you in our class.